Pakistan Women PAK-W v THA-W Thailand WomenWomen's Twenty20 Asia Cup 2016-17 • Asian Institute of Technology Ground, Bangkok — 02 December 2016

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Thailand Women
10/51 1st innings

N Chantamlbw b Sana Mir1328401046.42
S Saengsakaoratc Iram Javed b Anam Amin075000
N Boochathamc Bismah Maroof b Asmavia Iqbal1780014.28
R Padunglerdc Bismah Maroof b Anam Amin063000
S Tippochc Iram Javed b Sana Mir322320013.63
C Sutthiruangc Nain Abidi b Nida Dar117610157.14
N Koncharoenkaib Sana Mir4650066.66
N Chaiwailbw b Nida Dar0913000
W Liengprasertc Nain Abidi b Sana Mir034000
S Saenyarun out (Nain Abidi)611111054.54
S Laominot out044000
Extras13 (8w, 3lb, 2b)
Total10/51 (18.2 overs, 2.78rpo)
Aiman Anwer20301.5-----
Anam Amin41621.51----
Asmavia Iqbal31812.662----
Sana Mir42942.251----
Nida Dar301324.333----
Bismah Maroof101011----
Iram Javed1.20604.5-----

Pakistan WomenWinner
5/52 2nd innings

Ayesha Zafarc Laomi b Sutthiruang011000
Bismah Maroofrun out (Laomi)612120050
Asmavia Iqbalc Chantam b Laomi2425291196
Nida Darst †Koncharoenkai b Laomi1421230066.66
Sana Mirc Tippoch b Laomi1630016.66
Nain Abidinot out44400100
Javeria Khannot out11100100
Did not batSidra Nawaz, Iram Javed, Anam Amin, Aiman Anwer
Extras2 (8w, 3lb, 2b)
Total5/52 (11.4 overs, 4.45rpo)
C Sutthiruang301013.33-----
N Boochatham106061----
S Tippoch402305.751----
S Laomi30933-----
W Liengprasert0.40406-----
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