Islamabad ISL v LAH Lahore EaglesNational T20 Cup 2016 • Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi — 26 August 2016

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7/138 1st innings

Afaq Raheemc Salman Butt b Kashif Bhatti1816-40112.5
Raheel Majeedst †Kamran Akmal b Kamran Ghulam1616-11100
Abid Alirun out (†Kamran Akmal)1420-0070
Imam-ul-Haqb Amad Butt2020-20100
Adil Aminc & b Amad Butt01-000
Ali Sarfraznot out3421-31161.9
Naeem Anjumlbw b Kashif Bhatti38-0037.5
Abdur Rehmanc Amad Butt b Hussain Talat67-1085.71
Shehzad Azamnot out1814-11128.57
Did not batJunaid Khan, Mohammad Irfan
Extras9 (4w, 3nb, 2lb)
Total7/138 (20 overs, 6.9rpo)
Kashif Bhatti402025-----
Imran Khan2023011.5-1---
Kamran Ghulam401213-----
Amad Butt403929.7522---
Hussain Talat201316.51----

Lahore EaglesWinner
1/142 2nd innings

Salman Buttnot out3247-3068.08
Kamran Akmalb Shehzad Azam9152-171175
Umar Akmalnot out1810-21180
Did not batKashif Bhatti, Shahid Yousuf, Zia-ul-Haq, Imran Khan, Imran Butt, Kamran Ghulam, Hussain Talat, Amad Butt
Extras1 (4w, 3nb, 2lb)
Total1/142 (18.1 overs, 7.81rpo)
Mohammad Irfan411303.25-----
Junaid Khan403007.51----
Adil Amin402606.5-----
Shehzad Azam2034117-----
Abdur Rehman403308.25-----
Raheel Majeed0.106036-----
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