Oxfordshire Women OXFW v DEVW Devon WomenNatWest Women's Twenty20 Cup 2016 2016 • The Copper Yard, Denby — 24 July 2016

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Oxfordshire Women
4/110 1st innings

GA Porterc Dibble b Hutchins1935-1-54.28
LR Downc †Higginbottom b Silk2925-4-116
ESC Ingramnot out3939-6-100
R Potterb Hutchins-2----
CM Woodrun out (†Higginbottom)1119---57.89
SL Moorenot out------
Did not batC Burton, EM Norton, C Noble, N Beesley, D Stamp
Extras12 (9w, 1lb, 2b)
Total4/110 (20 overs, 5.5rpo)
S Mackenzie4-21-5.25-----
HM Garton4-27-6.751----
RH Silk4-1714.252----
C O'Keefe2-18-9-----
S Hutchins21522.51----
L Clements2-9-4.51----
JM Dibble2-10-51----
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Devon WomenWinner
2/114 2nd innings

AD Carrc Beesley b Noble2734-3-79.41
JM Dibblenot out5548-71114.58
C O'Keefeb Down2121-1-100
S Mackenzienot out------
Did not batHM Garton, LM Harris, L Clements, RH Silk, S Hutchins, A Higginbottom, D Meadowcroft
Extras11 (9w, 1lb, 2b)
Total2/114 (17.1 overs, 6.64rpo)
CM Wood3-21-72----
EM Norton4122-5.53----
C Noble4-2115.25-----
R Potter4-29-7.252----
LR Down2-1417-----
SL Moore0.1-4-24-----
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